Our Applications

All the info about our application for iOs and Desktop platforms.

Friend's Debits

Manage all the debits and credits you have with your friends. With ease!

Credits and Debits Overview

Have a quick overview of the total amount of your credits and debits: no more time-wasting calculations, don't let money take your time!

Simple Transactions Management

Your transactions. Made simple.
Just enter a little description (optional) and the amount. You're done, friend name and date are autofilled by the app to give you a simple but entusiasmating user experience.

iPhone and iPad support

UI designed to take the maximum out of the different devices and make your user experience as fluid as possible


Simple iOs remake of the '80s arcade game

PONG remake

Get back in the '80s and have fun with this game; with 3 different game modes you will really enjoy this PONG remake.

Single Player, Multiplayer or Endless

iPing&Pong features 3 game modes: you can play with the IA in single player, challenge a friend in multiplayer with the need of only one device or train yourself in endless mode.
And if you want even more challenge you can also control the bar with the accelerometer!
Have fun!

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